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Low Voltage Fire Systems

Low Voltage

Fire Systems

A low voltage fire alarm system allows for a residential or commercial space to have a monitored fire and life safety system. Low voltage systems combine smoke detectors, carbon monoxide, and heat detectors that are installed to code and which provide for a monitored life safety system 24/7.

Install a Low Voltage Fire System

The best time to install a low voltage system is in new construction during the rough-in phase prior to the walls being sealed up so the wire can be run inside the walls –  as most cities and towns require a hard wired system.  This low voltage system would operate in place of a 120 volt system typically installed by an electrician.  GAZIS can also add wireless supplemental smoke detectors for monitoring of fire to your existing security system which should result in a reduction/savings on your homeowner’s policy.  Call us at 508.756.7171 for more information.