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Locate the transformer – 3”x4” sq. box, plugged into electrical outlet usually near the alarm/electrical panel (box with lock and key)

Unplug the transformer (tan or white color may or may not have a green L.E.D. light)

Locate the alarm panel. Open the door and pull one wire (red or black) off of the terminal on the battery (looks like a small car battery) on the bottom shelf of the panel.

Keep the wire you removed away from other wires for safety purposes.

Typically your alarm system is monitored through your phone line and changing phone line providers is likely to negatively affect your service.

Please notify Guardian and A to Z Integrated Systems before changing your service by calling: 508–756-7171.

Look at the keypad – if the “fire” light is lit, it is your alarm system. Enter your four digit code to shut off the siren. Then look for the smoke detector that has a light on (solid red or green), this is the culprit causing the problem and will likely need to be replaced.

If “fire” light is not lit, it is most likely the smoke detectors installed by your electrician. Locate the circuit breaker and flip the switch to off, then contact your electrician.

SMOKE  DETECTOR – Note 4 digit number located in lower right hand corner “5045”



First Number is the Year = 15

Second and Third Number are the month 04 = April

Fourth Number is the week of the month 5 = Week of Month

Carbon Monoxide Detectors have the date of manufacture on the label.