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Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum Systems

Forget lugging that heavy portable vacuum around. Just unplug your lightweight hose and breeze through your cleaning! No more paper bags to change or dispose of. No more recirculating airborne dust and germs like conventional vacuums, the health benefits will be noticeable immediately. A real benefit for allergy sufferers. We sell, service, and install primarily VacuMaid (previously Zenex) central vacuum systems SR46 and SR60 (systems up to 9,500 and 12,000 s.f. respectively). For less square footage the Beam Central Vacuum Systems is designed specifically for you. Please call our office at 508.756.7171 for price and installation costs, we design each system specifically for your space.  

Designed to last the life of a house, a central vacuum system will make the task of cleaning your home or business fast and easy. When you compare the price of one of today’s most popular portable vacuum brands with a central vacuum system you realize quickly that the ROI on the central vacuum option is staggering. The average lifespan of today’s portable vacuums (depending on use) is 3-5 years and the cost for some brands is closing in on $1,000.00 which equates to an annual cost of $1000.00/5= $200.00 per year (not including bags and repairs). While a central vacuum system installed complete with a median installation cost of $2400.00. So, $2400.00/40=$60.00/Year (not including recommended biannual service fees) plus the added value of approximately $1500.00 to your home, and the vacuum practically pays you to install it! For you allergy sufferers factor in the airborne dirt and germs being removed from your home to your basement or garage (these units can be vented to the outside) – unlike a portable that blows the dust and germs back out into your home, AND can last up to 40 years when properly maintained – why it’s a no brainer!

Central Vacuum Bundle

Central Vacuum systems operate in a sealed environment which means that dirt, dust, and allergens once cleaned are not then blown about the house.  The self-cleaning filtration system is located in the sealed canister which is installed in a basement, garage, or storage closet and can be vented to the outside.  Typical upright and canister type vacuums leak dirt and dust through their filtration system back into your home.

  • Affordable – less than a leading upright manufacturer
  • Designed to last the lifetime of a house
  • Quiet operation – talk on the telephone or watch tv without having to turn off the vacuum
  • Powerful airflow
  • Permanent Kant Klog Self cleaning filter never needs changing
  • No bags to change EVER means no additional costs for bags after installation – simply empty the canister 3-4 times annually (depending on use) and deposit in the trash
  • Ease of Use – easy to operate just plug in, turn on and away you go
  • Does not blow dirt and dust back into the home – reducing allergens
  • Can be vented to the outdoors (optional)
  • Less allergies/dust mites
  • Sealed system reduces dust and dirt in the home – no need to dust after you vacuum
  • Warranty is 3 times that of an upright or canister (Hoover upright 3 yr. warranty or Electrolux Oxygen Canister Vacuum 2 year warranty
  • No more lugging, changing filters or bags or tugging your portable vacuum along behind you bumping into furniture and appliances
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